By Gene O’Neill
Bad Moon Books
ISBN: 978-0-9844601-2-0
2010; $19.95

From Bad Moon Books comes a new novella by Gene O’Neill, Jade. Another entry into his Cal Wild tales, (the first of which was his The Burden of Indigo a number of years back) it features a touching heroine of the title namesake who is a beautiful young girl marred by a hunchback due to the fallout from a nuclear war in the future. Jade gets along fine though and has a special knack for connecting with animals and other smaller creatures.

Though more of a fantasy set in a dystopian setting, Jade does have some darker moments. O’Neill draws you in and makes you care about the characters – especially Jade. This is a welcome addition to this futuristic world he’s been developing and I’m looking forward to more tales centered in it. Well-written and moving from an author who is finally getting some much-deserved notice. He’s been around since the days of Twilight Zone magazine, but many people think he’s a newer writer due to his recent output in anthologies like New Dark Voices.

This comes in a signed and numbered limited edition of just 150 trade paperbacks (and 26 lettered hardcovers which were sold out prior to publication) so don’t miss out on grabbing this one while you can. Cover and interior art by Steven Gilberts. Available from Horrormall.

Highly recommended!

– Reviewed by James R. Beach


~ by darkdiscoveries on July 6, 2010.

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