Logan’s Run: Last Day (Issue 1)

Story by Jason V Brock, William F. Nolan & Paul J. Salamoff,

Written by Paul J. Salamoff.

Drawn by Daniel Gete.

Published by Bluewater Comics

January 2010, $3.99.

Since remakes are all the rage right now, I guess it was only a matter of time before comic books got into the act. Enter this comic, which so far seems to be based more on the trippy sci-fi 1969 novel by William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson than the trippy 1976 movie staring Michael York.

The story opens with Logan and his partner chasing down a man through a utopian society of the future. The fugitive’s crime? Being twenty-one years old and not volunteering to kill himself. In this future world everyone is young and pretty because once you hit the legal drinking age you must sign up for the “big sleep” or else men of the DS squad will hunt you down and put high-tech bullets through your body. Logan is one such DS man and he takes his job very seriously. As the comic progresses we are treated to flashbacks of test tube baby Logan, raised by machines to feel like a machine so he can carryout his grisly work without pesky emotions getting in the way. After that trip down memory lane, Logan continues his investigation into a secret society called “Sanctuary”, a group that reportedly helps runners escape the DS teams. Logan soon gets mistaken for the very man he just terminated by that man’s widow, who thinks her hubby just came back from a “new you” station after some massive cosmetic surgery, and as this first issue ends it appears Logan has found his connection to Sanctuary.

While the story is basically the same as the film’s, it does add some meat to those old bones. The flashback scenes and the glimpses of the DS squad’s training methods and high-tech toys were nice additions to the story. As for the art, it was well drawn, bright and colorful except for the sepia-toned flashbacks and even those looked good. LAST DAY looks to be a faithful retelling of the LOGAN’S RUN story with some new depth and dimension given to the characters and world. I enjoyed the first issue and look forward to what future issues have in store. If you are fan of classic sci-fi then I can readily recommend LOGAN’S RUN: LAST DAY to you.

– Reviewed by Brian M. Sammons

~ by darkdiscoveries on April 13, 2010.

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