Damnation Books 3-Pack

By James Dorr
ISBN: 9781615720149
$6.99; 2009

By Edward M. Erdelac
$7.75; 2009

By Mark Edward Hall
$8.29; 2009

From new publisher Damnation Books, I received a handful of novellas in the 30 – 90 page range. I’ll take a look at three of them here.

First off is James Dorr with a very interesting tale mixing science with a gothic setting in The Garden. The protagonist, Steven travels to do a research paper on a famous zoologist. He meets Alma Sharp, the late scientist’s daughter at their farm – the only flourishing one in the middle of a blighted community. What he finds out is that Sharp was experimenting with biochemistry in more ways than one. A cool Scifi-ish horror tale.

Next up is Dubaku from Edward Erdelac. The story of a proud African shaman who willingly surrenders himself to a slave trader to find his abducted wife. One by one the crew and cargo of slaves become sick and Dubaku is made the pariah. Interesting little historical flavored voodoo story.

Last is the longest of the three, The Haunting of Sam Cabot by Mark Edward Hall. Set in Davenport, Maine, Sam Cabot and his wife and son get a great deal on a house in what of course seems like a “too good to be true” situation. And of course they soon find out that it is. Hall does a good job of taking a fairly typical plot and giving it a good twist. He builds it up nicely and then pulls the rug out from under you. Reminded me a bit of some of the novels of T.M. Wright featuring unreliable narrarators.

Overall, all three are good little stories. Recommended.

– Reviewed by James R. Beach


~ by darkdiscoveries on April 7, 2010.

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