Midnight Walk

Edited by Lisa Morton
Darkhouse Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-578-02162-1
2009; $15.95

From a new publisher, Darkhouse, comes the anthology Midnight Walk. Ably edited by Bram Stoker award-winning author Lisa Morton, it features 14 original stories by relatively new writers. But don’t let that stop you as it has some very interesting and unconventional offerings.

Armand Constantine kicks it off with a strong tale of magic and revenge set in the slums of India in “Monsoon Devil”. Next comes John Palisano who tells us what’s really behind those wildfires around L.A. in “The Tennatrick”. Lisa Majewski touches on voodoo in “Inside Out”, and Richard Payne offers up an interesting take on demon possession in “Eddie G At the Gates Of Hell”. Lisa Morton herself contributes a great piece based in Chinese Mythology as does Jodi Kaplan Lester. Vince Churchill of Dark Scribe Press warns of the hazards of staying at motels off the beaten path. Richard Grove bases his story in Irish folklore, and even Del Howison – the man behind the great Dark Delicacies store (as well as 3 anthologies that have sprung out of that wonderful shop of all things horror)- joins in for the fun. There’s also stories by Mike McCarty, George Willis, Kelly Dunn, Jason M. Light and Joey O’Bryan.

Overall, a mostly solid book. Up and down a bit storywise, but I give extra points for it trying to break past the some of the well-rehashed horror conventions.

Reviewed by James R. Beach


~ by darkdiscoveries on October 2, 2009.

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